Marketing Is A Long-Term Investment

Despite his hit albums and singles, there tend to be a number of 50 Cent mixtapes which date for you to the origin of his career and consequently they are various in subject matter and reasoning for project. His first was 50 Cent is the Future, recorded in 2002, which he travelled to Canada to […]

Top 50 Songs Around The 80’S

The role of the background music producer varies, based within the style of music. To manage styles, the tunes producer puts in the technical decisions in motion picture studio, helps choose songs and functions to get the most out of the artist, showing over the strong points and burying the deficiencies. It’s the role of […]

The Reputation Of Candy In Music

This song was the lead single about the album “Looking for myself” in 2012. Diplo, Usher, Ariel Rechtshaid, and Red Stylez wrote this tune contest. When people heard the single title “Climax,” they realized that the song would talk about sexual relations with a woman. When listeners heard the single, he describes the complications in […]

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