The Future Is Now – The Vacuum Cleaner Robot

Now, let’s discuss this Profit Factor Formula. If this number comes out to be greater than 1, you have discovered a good forex generation social Robot that is worth trying. And in case, the number is less than 1, simply discard the robot and look for a new one. Social media no longer “exists” on […]

Make Money With A Forex Trading System

Once, you have done the backtest with 99% accuracy, you will get a pretty fair idea of how the default settings of the Meet Misa Next Generation Social Robot perform. Now, do a forward test on the demo account with the default settings. This forward test will give you an idea how the Robot can […]

Benefits Of Forex Robot Trading Systems

Another key factor that most Forex robot sellers don’t want you to know about is the relative size of the winning trades to the losing trades, known in professional trading circles as the win to loss ratio. If you have a good enough win to loss ratio, then the winning percentage doesn’t matter. So, when […]

Robot Vs Manual Forex

Social trading is also quite important because it shows the trends among the top traders for a brokerage service. So far only humans can read flash data and information published by such brokers so if you are using social trading you have to do it manually as there is no robot capable of doing such […]

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