5 Reasons Why Crop Over In Barbados Rocks

Each island has its Carnival season, and this weekend in Barbados, music rocks. It’s Okayadooment (an old Bajan word meaning a big event), which is the climax of the annual Crop Over festival.

A bit of background: Crop-Over originated from a time when the sugar cane harvest was over, the back-breaking work was finished, and workers held a kadooment to celebrate their new-found leisure time. Immediately, Crop-Over is two months of events and occasions, culminating in a collection of road events over the August vacation weekend. And listed below are 5 reasons why it pays to be part of the big soar up:

You might see Rihanna up close. Barbados’ own super pop star tends to make it a point to come back back home for the occasion, don her feathery costume and hit the road with everybody else. Not like many celebrities, she’ll mingle and dance with unusual revellers in her band. And locals are inclined to respect her personal space; in spite of everything, she’s considered one of us!

It’s very safe on the road. The native authorities take public safety severely, and the Barbados Defence Pressure is often in discreet but visible attendance, fully armed but pleased to sit down on the sidelines. They are a wonderful deterrent to any potential baddies. Also the music trucks and normal traffic flows are highly respectful of revellers on the road, especially since may have imbibed slightly too much.

It’s surprisingly intimate. Barbados’ Okayadooment is big enough, yet pleasant enough, that you get to see many people. In the event you can see previous the skimpy bikinis, feathers and glittery paint, you’ll find friends everywhere. And most Bajans make a point of welcoming overseas guests at this time.

You’ll hear fantastic music. Every band on the road has its own music truck belting out the present season’s hits at coronary heart-stopping, foot-stomping volume. While others have their own music, Barbados’ Crop Over focuses on Soca – candy, bashment, energy, social commentary or no matter type you like.

It’s all about the rum. This is the place which invented rum (back in 1703), and Barbados rum is revered worldwide. As you would possibly imagine, the divine liquid nonetheless lubricates each facet of the festival. You possibly can combine it with nearly anything. But out within the sizzling sun be careful; its effects will creep up on you whenever you least expect it!

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